The House of Guerlain

Hi everyone!

If you have been in Paris, more specificaly at Champs-Élysées, it is possible that you have been attracted by the most dazzling and authentic store which is located at 68, Champs-Élysées and named as Guerlain House. Today, Guerlain House harbours the most delicate perfumes, skin care products and accessories, yet its history dates back to 1828.

Guerlain, has been founded by Pierre-François Pascal as not only perfumer, but also soap maker, chemist and cosmetologist. Later, he passed his skills on his son Aime who in turn trained his nephew Jacques. Guerlain continued to be family business until 1999, when its acquisition is completed by LVMH. Guerlain’s simplicity, elegance and quality fascinates many people around the world so much so that even such capitalist cannibalism did not kill the soul of the brand.

If someone would ask me the best mascara ever, I would say Guerlain without any hesitation. I have very much liked Le 2 de Guerlain, although the company took it off from the market later on. Nevertheless, I am still fond of two other Guerlain mascaras for different purposes.

Guerlain Maxi Lash So Volume and Cils D’enfer Maxi Lash


  • Maxi Lash So Volume: Formulation of Maxi Lash is very unique. Its waxy texture lasts long. Also, super black color is blended with floral notes, which I am addicted to. I use this for a dramatic effect at night. It doesn’t get smudged yet easy to remove with makeup removers.


  • Cils D’enfer Maxi Lash: This mascara is perfect for a day use. I prefer Moka shade to get a more young and soft look, therefore it is a must-have for a nomakeup-makeup routine. Also gold bottle is very chic that I am happy to carry in a transparent pouches.

Beauty in the Murder

No murder is beautiful, yet Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio (1571-1610) has depicted brutal beauty in his paintings. Caravaggio himself was incorrigible criminal who had been imprisoned many times. His short tempered character got him into even a murder.

Despite troubles, imprisonment, escape to Sicily; Caravaggio never lost enthusiasm to paint. He has produced remarkable paintings with an obsession to depict decapitation. More importantly, Caravaggio did not care about ideal beauty, while his Renaissance counterparts represented beauty in its ideal form as flawless and perfect. Rather than copying of the classics, Caravaggio revealed cruelty in beauty. He transformed beauty in a way that nothing even a murder can overshadow its impact. Isn’t it actual beauty that standstills in spite of tyranny, homicide and poverty? Let’s take a look at how Caravaggio represented beauty in his significant pieces:

Madonna dei Pellegrini o di Loreto
Madonna di Loreto
  • Madonna di Loreto: Virgin Mary welcomes two poor pilgrims with naked Jesus in her arms. The point is, the feet of pilgrim are also bare suggesting their equality with the Virgin. First thing one might be dazzled would be two opposite forms of the beauty:One is young Mary who has blushed cheekbones, a gentle neck and nicely positioned of feet. However, on the other side, woman pilgrim looks quite old, poor and filthy. Nevertheless, prominent facial features and long eyelashes on the pilgrim suggest that she is beautiful, although she is wretched.
  • The Beheading of the St John the BaptistThis painting is widely accepted as masterpiece of Caravaggio. The bloody scene does not prevent us to notice beauty of the woman on the left holding a golden bowl that the head will be placed in. In contrast with the old woman who is about to cry out, the young one looks indifferent, strong and honorable. This opposition reveals that beauty does not mean only celestial features attributed to human, but also strength and cruelty.

    The Beheading of the St John the Baptist
  • Young Sick Bacchus: It is almost impossible to feel that Bacchus is sick in this piece. His green flesh, grey lips, and dark under-eyes are unable to conceal the youth and elegance of Bacchus, as mouth watering grapes that he holds still look bright despite a few crumpled dark grapes.

    Young Sick Bacchus
  • Judith Beheading Holofernes: According to description from The book of Judith, Judith has seduced Holofernes for the sake of her people. However, beuaty is not hidden in the seduction and pleasure. Caravaggio thought that beauty that deserved to paint was decapitation of Holofernes. It is difficult to resist power and elegance of Judith. She is beautifully dressed, although this is a death scene. Her distance to the victim and nervous lips suggest that she does what she has to do, not what she wants, as if she is ready to forgive him if she hesitates one second.

    Judith Beheading Holofernes

Well, but what does Caravaggio tell us? Caravaggio has shown us that killing someone is a repulsive act, even to a murderer, but real beauty does not lose its form in any case such as poverty, sickness or homicide. And he leaves a question mark there, maybe these are the times when beauty and elegance are revealed?

Eyeko Power


Let me introduce you my favorite mascara brand: Eyeko.

Here I am not going to make comment but show only the results. You’re the one who is going to judge this London-based brand.

Basically I have 4 products:

  1. Eyeko Alexa Chung Eye Do Mascara (Lengthening)
  2. Eyeko Brow Gel
  3. Eyeko Skinny Brush Mascara (Lengthening)
  4.  Eyeko Black Magic Mascara (Drama and curl)
  5. Shu Uemura S-Curler and Sephora Heated Eyelash Curler


Here is the results! As name suggests, Eyeko only focuses on eye products which allows them to do their job at high quality. Eventually, of course it is your decision to give a chance to this admirably consistent brand.



Mediterranean Face Mask

Hi to everyone!

It is a new week with new plans. I hope you enjoy your flawless skin. Nope?

Do you need to meet 3 clients in a day and need to do layers and layers of makeup to look good? Or you're on a holiday in a beautiful island where everyone looks like roasted chickens but you do as if you've bitten by misquotes all over the face?

Figure 1

I will give you recipe of a mask that has very crucial ingredients you need to for a healthy skin. I name it Mediterranean Mask, since the herbs and food I use are naturally found in Mediterranean region. If you cannot get them fresh, you can easily find them in herb stores.

The mask has 4 ingredients: Rosemary, dry nettle leave, clove and yogurt.


  • Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinali): Rosemary is a nice smelling, refreshing herb that is commonly used for flavoring foods. Rosemary is rich in flavonoids and tannins which protect skin from damage caused by free radicals and UV lights respectively. Also, another ingredient, triterpenes provide elasticity and firmness to skin. Besides, rosemary is a good antiseptic used in other areas of medicine.
  • Nettle (Urtica Dioica): Nettle, in other words stinging nettle is an precious plant to treat several skin infections and inflammations. Nettle leaves are rich in vitamin A,C,D and K; as well as B. Nettle leaves  alleviates appearance of acne thanks to quercetin.
  • Clove (Syzygium aromaticum): Clove has countless benefits for skin, stomach problems and brain health. It is a good antiseptic. Eugenol  and tannins found in clove prevent infections and acne resulted from infection.
  • Yogurt: Yogurt is considered as a super food, it seem not to have any harm for anything at all. Zinc, a mineral highly found in yogurt, also, mitigates acne irritation, while B vitamins promote cell growth and skin regeneration. Lactic acid tighten pores and decreases the appearance of wrinkles.

How to prepare Mediterranean Mask?

  • Mix the herbs (1 tsp rosemary, 1 tsp dry nettle leaves, 4-5 cloves) and add approximately 20ml of water. Boil it for 4-5 minutes and let it cool at the fridge (Cooling it down in the fridge is important. If it is too hot, yogurt may curdle. Technically also you denature proteins found in yogurt.)
  • Add cold solution to the yogurt and stir it. Please do not add too much water before boiling if you want mask to stay on your face but drop down.
  • You can use leaves to do peeling movements on your face. After 30 minutes rinse the mask off and feel the baby face smoothness and softness. 🙂



Pop-Art and Kiehl’s Pharmacy

Andy Warhol is considered as the most iconic person in modern art, mainly due to his  impressive contributions to a new-borning art, that is what we call today “pop-art“. He was a big fan of Blue Astringent Herbal Lotion that has been launched in late 1960s by Kiehl’s. That time, Kiehl’s was a unassuming pharmacy at the intersection of Third Avenue and Thirteenth Street, that had been founded by John Kiehl.lris3n-lris2fpicture11

Rumour has it, Andy Warhol used to pop in the pharmacy to buy Herbal Lotion. I may not be as idiosyncratic as Andy Warhol; when I was passing by a Kiehl’s store last weekend, I thought I should have a look as a scientist and art-lover.


Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution
Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution

Being tested other solutions to cure my persistent dark spots on my upper lip area, I can say that Kiehl’s Clearly Corrector Dark Spot Solution is the best until I find anything better! You can see difference within a week! I am not kidding or promoting this product, just give it a try! I am too happy to see they disappeared finally. 😀





Kiehl's Amino Acid Shampoo
Kiehl’s Amino Acid Shampoo
Other product I bought is Amino Acid Shampoo which I was given a tester long before. Unlike other paraben-free and silicon-free shampoos, this one bubbles enough to feel like a real shampoo. Also, strangely, I don’t feel I need any conditioner after rinsing. My hair became more controllable and less frizzy.

They gave me a 65ml Grapefruit hand and body lotion which I loved the scent of.

Collectively, Kiehl’s products do justice to their pharmacological history, because they work, seriously! ❤️😍


In-flight Skin Care Tips

Figure-1: Relax Kit provided by Turkish Airlines
I am on way to Singapore which takes 12 hours from Turkey. Since this is a long flight, watching movies becomes boring after a while. More importantly, in-flight ventilation system dries skin, for sure. Therefore, I spend almost 1-2 hours to hydrate and protect my skin while flying.
It is always a pleasure to fly with Turkish Airlines, though it is a bit expensive. Cabin crew provides relax kits from Chopard which contain eye-shade, non-skid rubber sole tube socks, earplugs, dental kit and lip balm (Figure-1). This kit is more than enough if you are going to have a door to door flight.
Nevertheless, most of the time I meet friends or go out for a coffee right away, so I carry some skin care and makeup products on board (Figure-2).

Figure-2: Skin care and makeup products on board
  • First things first. A cleanser always is a day saver if you want to energize your skin. I use Cetaphil cleanser which removes surface oil, makeup and dirt with gentle foaming.
  • To hydrate my skin, I prefer something preferably not cosmetic. Bepanthen Plus Cream offers an intense protection and hydration on board. Alternatively, if you like to keep hydrated and protect your skin against aging, you can try Prevage from Elizabeth Arden. This moisturizer is an anti-aging overnight cream with Idebenone technology. Idebenone restores skin damages caused due to photo-irradiation (Figure-3).
  • For eye area, Burt’s Bees eye cream with royal jelly softens skin around eyes and prevent puffiness.
  • Besides facial skin, it is important to keep your brows, eyelashes and lips hydrated. My lip balm is from Avon, which I have bought just a few days ago and completely satisfied with its smell and texture. I routinely use Lipocils eyelash gel (from Talika) to moisturize my eyelashes and brows.
    Figure-3: Elizabeth Arden Prevage anti-aging overnight cream.
  • No matter what I do, my under eye looks dark due to anaemia. I keep a highlighter, this time Loreal True Match concealer, in my handbag.
  • To have a natural but defined look, I fill my eyebrows with Benefit Goof Proof brow pencil.
  • Blush is indispensable for me. I think everyone agrees that Nudestix tones are undeniably natural. This pencil can be applied to both lips and cheeks. Code color is “Belle” which leaves very natural blush on your skin. Also I have Chanel cream blush-79 cheeky, just in case I attend a party right after flight.
  • #longhairdontcare 😊. I don’t need to introduce how awesome Tangle Teezer is. Its gentle with your hair and easy to carry.
  • I used to be fond of window seats. After developing an in-flight skin care routine, I realized that corridor seats are better to enjoy my personal spa in lavatory whenever I want. Don’t forget your boarding pass in the lavatory, have a good journey. 👋😊Figure-4.jpg

Beauty Balm (BB) Creams

Hi girls,

      I feel inevitably thankful to Dr. Christine Schrammek for her groundbreaking discovery, Beauty Balm, or in other words BB cream which basically combines primer, moisturizer, foundation and sun blocker in one formulation. Well, indeed, you could mix your moisturizer with a high factor sun blocker and claim that you invented BB cream. Well, you could, but proportion of the ingredients and accessory chemicals make BB creams that unique. The fact that BB creams are light in texture and skin-friendly makes BB creams more preferable over heavy, pore blocking foundations.
When I replaced all my foundations with BB or CC (Colour Control) creams, I observed some problems. Although BB creams are lighter than foundations, my skin looks greasy after a few hours. Strangely, also, I could’t find a light shade that suits my skin tone. I do not know why (If I figure out, I will edit the text), BB and CC creams have a dry, wheat-coloured tone, which i don’t like much. I have used Clinique Superdefense CC cream last year, for example. It was looking quite natural, successfully correcting darks spots, but it has such an ashy colour which seems as if i used a foundation which is 3 tones darker than my skin tone to pretend I am older than what I truly am.
Finally, this product (DiorSnow UV Shield BB Creme) from Dior, surprised me with its texture, matte tone but not ash-coloured. As name suggests, It has a snowy tone that I believe prevents that ashy tone I observed in other BB creams. Also, it combats with pigmentation and aging effect of sun with SPF50 which is considerably higher than the other BB creams in the market.

        I can happily suggest you to try out this product, or at least get a tester to see the difference as compared too generic BB creams. DiorSnow UV Shield BB Cream pledges you a natural-looking protection with its unique tone that defines characteristics of Beauty Balms again.

Texture: Liquid, easy to absorb, not greasy
Skin Type: All
Price: $$
Sun protection: PA+++
Suitable for night: Yes
Overall (out of 10): 9

Hydrate your skin with Ceramide-3

Hi everyone,

As a Caucasian living in Asia (Singapore), I was terrified initially how obsessive people here are to get a whiter skin. Naturally, this obsession is reflected to the Asian cosmetics market that has dominated by whitening products. Whitening products use generally exfoliating principle to get rid of your dead skin cells which results in blemishes and darker skin texture. However, this method brings some concerns. To much exfoliating may lead to aging faster than normal, since we know that cell metabolism and proliferation is reduced at high cell passages that is considered as in vitro model of aging. Rather than exposing your skin to harsh treatments, I will recommend you a game changer product which not only evens out the skin tone but also keeps your skin hydrated.

It is Dr. Jart Ceramidin set. You may wonder who Dr. Jart is. Right question would be What is Dr. Jart? Dr. Jart is a company based in US, but ventured by two close friends, a Korean dermatologist Dr. SungJae Jung and an entrepreneur Chin Took Lee.

Dr. Jart Ceramidin cream and serum first captured my attention with minimalist and simplistic design reminding me old creams that my grandmother used to put on. Their active chemical is ceramide-3. Ceramide-3 has many benefits for the skin ranging from hydration to skin protection. It has been shown that, ceramide-3 attenuates transepidermal water loss (TEWL), erythema and cell cycling due to exposure to exposure to detergents [1]. Also, it protects skin from sodium lauryl sulfate-mediated irritation which is very common due to its vast use in cosmetics [2]. Another ingredient I am caught was Licorice Root Extract. This miraculous plant acts as anti-inflammatory and neutralizer for skin tone. I guess this one adds a rosemary-like scent to these products which I like very much.

I started using these two products about a month ago and results are really promising. Within a week, I could see that my blemishes are reduced and skin became brighter. At the very first use, I thought liquid serum makes it greasy, but liquid evaporates quickly which leaves a refreshing scent on your face.

Ceramidin series are definitely worth to try!

You can visit an exclusive beauty store this weekend and kindly ask for a tester. Next week, probably you will leave the store with an empty wallet and these creams that deserve every penny you have given.

  1. Kucharekova, M., et al., Effect of a lipid-rich emollient containing ceramide 3 in experimentally induced skin barrier dysfunction. Contact Dermatitis, 2002. 46(6): p. 331-8.
  2. Huang, H.C. and T.M. Chang, Ceramide 1 and ceramide 3 act synergistically on skin hydration and the transepidermal water loss of sodium lauryl sulfate-irritated skin. Int J Dermatol, 2008. 47(8): p. 812-9.

Glamorous Sunday!

Hi! 🙂

It has been while from last post. I hope everything is alright there! You girls promised yourself not to (over) shop but couldn’t resist new clothes, new mascara just came in Sephora or tempting scent coming from the shelf of Chloé. I know it is sunday and I know it is the only day you browse stores and new products. But isn’t it very common nowadays that you like, no almost fall in love with a product that you tested in the store but  it disappointed you later. I don’t know why it is like that. Perhaps new beauty products are designed to seduce you on the spot with very strong odour, loud colours and packaging. Who doesn’t want to try a blue face mask, right?

But, today I will show you three products that never disappoint you, but also, wait a second, who said they are not appealing?

Why I like these ones is because they are all very effective. I have one mask from GlamGlow, one essence and emulsion from Elizabeth Arden today.

First product is from GlamGlow as I said. It is a dark coloured mud. What I like with this  mask is it is harsh, because it needs to clean. I prefer my acne and cleaning treatments to be a bit strong to see the improvement asap. I like to feel that refreshing kinda menthol feeling on my face. That is what exactly this mud has. Main ingredient is acnecidic-6 which is a patented chemical by the brand. It basically clears your pores. This chemical provides nutritions for your skin regeneration as well. From the beginning it has cool and refreshing smell. It almost cold burns your face. But once you wash it off, it fades away slowly. It doesn’t harden your face but brightens. That is definitely my fav mud ever! I would recommend to use this if you want to go makeup-free on weekends. This mud gives you enough courage to show how beautiful you’re without makeup.

Second product is a serum from Elizabeth Arden. It is from the same series of my third product which is an emulsion. Series is called as’Visible Whitening’ . These two sisters have small shiny particles in it. Once you apply these on your face, you will visibly see little sparkling things on your face like your highlighter. The days I use these creams, I don’t even feel necessity to use highlighter or even foundation. You may say ‘Oh no it doesn’t have any SPF!’ Sorry but it has melanin. Their working principle is same, protecting your skin from UV lights. UV is very strong mutagen leading to death of your skin cells, simply aging. Melanin is the natural pigment found on human skin to protect us from UV lights. So it is very safe to use it under strong sunlight. Also if you use it daily, it will prevent unwanted blemishes on your face.

Eventually there is no reason not to have a glamorous sunday and skin with this products. I wish you a happy and melanin-ous weekend! 🙂

IMG_20161106_203417 copy.jpg

Makeup Free Weekend

20160514_193306_1140122334For those of you who just woke up and realized you are about to miss a brunch with friends or rushing for a weekend workout (like me); apparently you don’t have time for a detailed makeup or you think your skin wants a break after heavy makeup weekdays, or more importantly you don’t want to look like you have spent hours doing makeup. What are you going to do? There are countless tutorials around showing you how to apply no-makeup makeup, but I find them very heavy. They generally require too much foundation which I feel clogs the pores on my skin. I want something more refreshing allowing my skin to breathe freely. To do that I will give you an alternative routine for those want to have genuine makeup free weekend.

  • Moisturizer: This first step is not only essential but also will determine your last look, because if you use too oily moisturizers, it is highly likely that you will get a greasy look. On the other hand, if your moisturizer is not hydrant to offset your dryness of your skin, then you will get a scaly face.
    • Estée Lauder Revitalizing Supreme
  • UV-Blocker: If your first cream has already this feature (SPF), they you can skip this step. However, there are adorable creams (like I show here: ) having very translucent concealing effect. (I did not say concealer, I said concealing effect, It does not have trace of any cosmetics!!! It is plain Sunscreen cream)
    • Dior Snow UV Shield (Pearly White)
  • Concealer: this is the only makeup item I use for my eye area. Unfortunately because of my anemia, my eye area is very pale and brownish. I must cover it otherwise people keep asking why I am looking tired, sick etc.
    • Estée Lauder Double Wear Concealer
  • Inner corner of eyes: I use Sephora’s Crayon Kohl pencil This color is exactly matching with inner eye color. I only draw a soft line around outer corners of my eye so that my eyes look bigger.
    • Sephora Crayon Kohl pencil (07 infinite beige)
  • Eyelasheeeess: Here is the the most exciting step comes! Too get a natural look I use Benefit’s They’re Real Tinted Primer. It makes your eyelashes look blondish and natural. But I want to take your attention to application rather than product. I like to use brush with my right hand for my left eye and vice versa. I only apply to the outer corners again as I’ve suggested for eye pencil. Please do not use brush for inner eyelashes, don’t get close to your nose-side. By doing so, your eyes will look like wing-shape.
    • Benefit They’re Real Tinted Primer
  • Lips: Do not forget to moisturize your lips as well. Please avoid those balms taking all attention to your lips while you’re talking. I prefer Philosophy’s Kiss Me Tonight, since it doesn’t look too shiny, just giving them a healthy look.
    • Philosophy Kiss Me Tonight