Blue Dream dans La Prairie

Dans la prairie is painted by French impressionist Claude Monet in 1876. The painting features the artist’s wife in beautiful flowers, blooms and grass with splendidly blended colours. The painting is suffused with countryside tranquility and calmness with flashy-yet-harmonious colours.

La Prairie is a legendary skincare line and its history dates back to 1931. Doctor Paul Niehans begins very first examples of cellular therapy in Clinique La Prairie.

La Prairie Anti-Aging Stress Cream and Cellular Refining Lotion

In 1953, the Clinique became internationally recognized following the visit of The Pope for the cellular therapy.

In 1987, La Prairie launched the first series of skincare products sourced from real caviar.

Although caviar series remain to be the most popular and luxurious product in the market, La Prairie launched a variety of products that aim to alleviate or totally eradicate cellular stress.

Although the term ‘stress’ mainly refers to a psychological imperfection in human body, for small organisms, like cells, stress refers to lack of physiological homeostasis due to extrinsic or intrinsic threats. La prairie Anti-Aging Crème Destressante or Anti-Aging Stress Cream aims to destress skin cells and restore skin elasticity and firmness.

La Prairie Anti-Aging Stress Cream

The cream has many skin-friendly ingredients, namely jojoba seed oil, shea butter, panax ginseng root extract, galericulata extract, etc.

Besides all these natural extracts, what fascinated me was lactobacillus ferment in it. It balances all these water-oil-alcohol derivatives and gives skin a soothing effect. Besides its well-known anti-inflammatory mode-of-action at the cellular level, a recent study also showed that lactobacillus ferment enhances the anti-aging properties of Agastache rugosa following photo-irradiation, through increasing the activity of antioxidants in keratinocytes1.

Retinyl palmitate is the ester of vitamin A (or retinol as widely known) and has been reported to induce cellular and oxidative stress in skeletal muscle2 and nervous system cells3, yet skin cells response in a different way. Studies suggest that vitamin A is essential to protect skin from UV-induced breakdown of collagen4,5 and subsequent reduction in pro-collagen expression6.

The cream has very silky texture. It gives instant plumped appearance and temporarily fills fine lines and wrinkles. After a week, it evens skin tone and calms the stress-related dark spots. I strongly recommend using it after Cellular Refining Lotion, as this solution flushes out the pores, and allows skin to absorb the subsequent application better.



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