Good Genes from Mediterranean Sea

65B221A4-29DA-47D3-9EE2-0B5691A011C1I resisted the temptation of buying a Sunday Riley product as much as I can. Finally, failed and bought a bottle of Good Genes, yet the company’s vibrant face oils are quite popular now. It seems to me that comparing to other projects of the company complements on Good Genes are always remarkably positive. After a few uses, I could notice evening of skin tone and a calmer complexion, which would probably mildly visible with other glycolic acid-containing products. The point is, Good Genes does this magic in a safe way. It is not harsh, yet effective. It has three major ingredients:

  • Glycolic acid: It is the smallest AHA which can effortlessly penetrate underneath skin. This renders it the deepest skin surface exfoliator. The deeper the exfoliation, the better the result. It sweeps away excessive oil and dead cells. It also helps to reduce congestion and wrinkles.
  • Potassium lactate: It is another exfoliator in the for of potassium salt of lactic acid and works as humectant, moisturising, at the same time. Although “lactic acid” may sound a bit scary (due to acidic content) it is considered as the safest exfoliator with great water retention.
  • Prickly Pear Extract: This is the Mediterranean touch in Good Genes. Prickly pear mainly grows in Mediterranean region with a cactus body. It has very soothing and fresh taste, which explains why it is preferable on hot summer nights.Screenshot 2019-11-03 at 10.20.31.png

One of the cons would be the sensitivity to light. Exfoliators are indeed not meant to be produced for day-use. Good Genes are relatively safe, yet it is suggested to use a sunscreen and limit exposure to sun after application. Another one is definitely, the price tag/volume ratio. However the product will dazzle you with its instant and remarkable effect.

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