1972Have you played chess? I do sometimes. I have a couple of friends who play professionally. Nevertheless, you should be familiar with the chessboard. It is no exceptional design that may capture the attention of designers or fashion brands. However, somehow check pattern is associated with royalty because of the chess and Burberry. For me, It is Burberry that made this simple pattern very special.

Thomas Burberry was born in 1835 and worked as apprentice draper until establishing Burberry’s Gabardine in 1956. Thomas Burberry proved that he was not only a tailor but also an entrepreneur and textile engineer when he invented waterproof and breathable rainwear in 1879. Such innovation brought fame to the name of the brand, as such the gabardine was patented by Burberry in 1888, followed by patent of the trench coat in 1912.

Although Burberry’s ambition to revolutionize the fabric rather than worrying about unstable fashion trends does not seem to be a lucrative strategy, their place in the fashion market has always been at the top. Needless to say, Burberry’s soft earthy colors have inspired fashion weeks, celebrities and unassuming people who seek for quality. However, in 2010 Burberry’s creative director, Christopher Bailey, announced that the company will launch a new beauty line in July of the same year. The reason for that was not financial concerns, he claimed, but caked on makeup applied during the shows. It seems their projects panned out as they expected because the very first impression I got was ‘wow’. They pick up softer and natural colors which match with their elegant check pattern nicely. I fell in love with their nude lip products. They are not flashy, because lips are supposed to be a buffering element of a makeup. Mac Cosmetics, for example, lips colors look like a sticky, thick play dough which I hate (and find ridiculous). It seems to checkmate some so-called beauty lines with this long-awaited venture. Anyway, here are two (my favs) products from Burberry:

  • Burberry Lip Definer: That is meant to be a lip contour pencil, yet its silky texture enables it to be used as a filler or lipstick.
  • Burberry Lip and Cheek Bloom: Nothing compares this product. I love this! It can be used as blush or lip color or even eyeshadow. You can dab your cheeks and eyelids to get a monochromatic look. You will not see any other blush post here until this stunning product is discontinued or replaced.

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