The Blue Period

Portrait of Sebastià Junyer i Vidal by PicassoColours are coded in the brain as we grow up. Culture is absolutely the most critical factor in programming those colours and how we respond when we sense them. For example, red is usually associated with alertness or an alarm situation. Blue, on the other hand, evokes calming feelings, peace, trust and confidence. Besides, blue is believed to bring sadness and depression out as it is widely used in the expression “getting the blues.

Pablo Picasso is presumably the most famous person who got the blues and pioneered a new era later to be called “The Blue Period” (1901-1904). This period differs from Picasso’s other paintings that of painted using bright colours and high contrast. Paintings produced in this period only have shades of blue, and subject matters limited to beggars, drunks and prostitutes. Although Picasso claimed that he had painted those paintings right after his dear friend Carlos Casagemas’ suicide in Paris, there are shreds of evidence proving that he had started painting blue prior to his friend’s death.


You might think of what brought you here. I would like to introduce to you a product that is in blue colour and I prefer to use in winter times when I get the blues. I feel I need to use something warm, blue and healing when I am down. GlamGlow’s Thirsty Mud is an instant anti-depressant mask that can be used as an overnight treatment as well.

IMG_0519ThirstyMud has caprylic acid that is extracted from coconut. Caprylic retains antimicrobial activity around pH 4.8 which is within the natural pH range observed in the skin. ThirstyMud smells like ginger, cinnamon and green tea (as it has) which reminds me of a cold winter day spent indoors due to snow. It moisturises skin and brightens. It also improved my complexion although it is not pledged by GlamGlow. Picasso would be honoured to be recalled by this product if he would still be alive.


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