The Caffeine Addicted​ Skin

IMG_9815.JPGAre you a coffee addict? I indeed am. At least one tall size cup is my routine every morning. Drinking coffee is not my only habit though. I apply it to my skin to energize skin.
The main component of coffee beans, Caffeine, is an alkaloid with a special structure that resembles adenosine, a nucleoside. Adenosine and caffeine in the brain lead to the release of neurotransmitters, which in turn increases satiety and mood. Caffeine_and_adenosine.png

Also, caffeine treatment has been shown to increase microcirculation of the blood in capillary vessels and increases lipolysis. Besides, caffeine activates certain pathways in the skin, since it is able to penetrate across the skin barrier. While caffeine is widely used to combat cellulite, new trend deviates towards reducing puffiness around eyes.

Caffeine for the eye area

I have purchased a new product from lovely French brand, Nuxe, last week. It reduces dark circles and puffiness around the eye area with the help of caffeine. The anti-fatigue formulation is fortified with hyaluronic acid-based anti-aging treatment. When you apply it, you will definitely notice the difference in a few days. You will not believe but I can even go out without any concealer application under my eyes. The only thing is that it may leave a shiny effect which increases the appearance of dark veins under the eye, yet it will disappear when the product is fully absorbed.

Caffeine for the complexion

As I have said, caffeine increases the blood flow in the capillaries which in turn carries nutrients to the skin cells. Then, fairly fed skin cells are able to regenerate better and evenly. Caffeine not only evens out skin tone but also protects skin from UVB light irradiation, as shown by a new study. This cream is a must-have with its lightweight and non-oily texture. Also, the price of this product will make you buy it again.


Caffeine for lashes

Whenever I apply Lash Alert (Eyeko), I guarantee you my lashes literally blooms next day. I did not know what makes them that happy, so I asked Eyeko Team through Instagram. They are lovely and humble enough to reply their eager customers. Here what they have said:

IMG_9822.jpgI strongly recommend this mascara since It gives a very natural look with a rich serum formulation fortified with caffeine.



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