The House of Guerlain

Hi everyone!

If you have been in Paris, more specificaly at Champs-Élysées, it is possible that you have been attracted by the most dazzling and authentic store which is located at 68, Champs-Élysées and named as Guerlain House. Today, Guerlain House harbours the most delicate perfumes, skin care products and accessories, yet its history dates back to 1828.

Guerlain, has been founded by Pierre-François Pascal as not only perfumer, but also soap maker, chemist and cosmetologist. Later, he passed his skills on his son Aime who in turn trained his nephew Jacques. Guerlain continued to be family business until 1999, when its acquisition is completed by LVMH. Guerlain’s simplicity, elegance and quality fascinates many people around the world so much so that even modern capitalist cannibalism did not kill the soul of the brand.

If someone would ask me the best mascara ever, I would say Guerlain without any hesitation. I have very much liked Le 2 de Guerlain, although the company took it off from the market later on. Nevertheless, I am still fond of two other Guerlain mascaras and use them for different purposes.

Guerlain Maxi Lash So Volume and Cils D’enfer Maxi Lash


  • Maxi Lash So Volume: Formulation of Maxi Lash is very unique. It has a waxy texture which makes it long lasting. Also, super black color is blended with floral notes, which I am addicted to. I use this for a dramatic effect at night. It doesn’t get smudged yet easy to remove with makeup removers.


  • Cils D’enfer Maxi Lash: This mascara is perfect for a day use. I prefer Moka shade to get a young and soft look, therefore it is a must-have for a nomakeup-makeup routine. Also the gold bottle is very chic that I am happy to carry in transparent pouches.

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