Eyeko Power


Let me introduce you my favorite mascara brand: Eyeko.

Here I am not going to make comment but show only the results. You’re the one who is going to judge this London-based brand.

Basically I have 4 products:

  1. Eyeko Alexa Chung Eye Do Mascara (Lengthening)
  2. Eyeko Brow Gel
  3. Eyeko Skinny Brush Mascara (Lengthening)
  4.  Eyeko Black Magic Mascara (Drama and curl)
  5. Shu Uemura S-Curler and Sephora Heated Eyelash Curler


Here is the results! As name suggests, Eyeko only focuses on eye products which allows them to do their job at high quality. Eventually, of course it is your decision to give a chance to this admirably consistent brand.