In-flight Skin Care Tips

Figure-1: Relax Kit provided by Turkish Airlines
I am on way to Singapore which takes 12 hours from Turkey. Since this is a long flight, watching movies becomes boring after a while. More importantly, in-flight ventilation system dries skin, for sure. Therefore, I spend almost 1-2 hours to hydrate and protect my skin while flying.
It is always a pleasure to fly with Turkish Airlines, though it is a bit expensive. Cabin crew provides relax kits from Chopard which contain eye-shade, non-skid rubber sole tube socks, earplugs, dental kit and lip balm (Figure-1). This kit is more than enough if you are going to have a door to door flight.
Nevertheless, most of the time I meet friends or go out for a coffee right away, so I carry some skin care and makeup products on board (Figure-2).

Figure-2: Skin care and makeup products on board
  • First things first. A cleanser always is a day saver if you want to energize your skin. I use Cetaphil cleanser which removes surface oil, makeup and dirt with gentle foaming.
  • To hydrate my skin, I prefer something preferably not cosmetic. Bepanthen Plus Cream offers an intense protection and hydration on board. Alternatively, if you like to keep hydrated and protect your skin against aging, you can try Prevage from Elizabeth Arden. This moisturizer is an anti-aging overnight cream with Idebenone technology. Idebenone restores skin damages caused due to photo-irradiation (Figure-3).
  • For eye area, Burt’s Bees eye cream with royal jelly softens skin around eyes and prevent puffiness.
  • Besides facial skin, it is important to keep your brows, eyelashes and lips hydrated. My lip balm is from Avon, which I have bought just a few days ago and completely satisfied with its smell and texture. I routinely use Lipocils eyelash gel (from Talika) to moisturize my eyelashes and brows.
    Figure-3: Elizabeth Arden Prevage anti-aging overnight cream.
  • No matter what I do, my under eye looks dark due to anaemia. I keep a highlighter, this time Loreal True Match concealer, in my handbag.
  • To have a natural but defined look, I fill my eyebrows with Benefit Goof Proof brow pencil.
  • Blush is indispensable for me. I think everyone agrees that Nudestix tones are undeniably natural. This pencil can be applied to both lips and cheeks. Code color is “Belle” which leaves very natural blush on your skin. Also I have Chanel cream blush-79 cheeky, just in case I attend a party right after flight.
  • #longhairdontcare 😊. I don’t need to introduce how awesome Tangle Teezer is. Its gentle with your hair and easy to carry.
  • I used to be fond of window seats. After developing an in-flight skin care routine, I realized that corridor seats are better to enjoy my personal spa in lavatory whenever I want. Don’t forget your boarding pass in the lavatory, have a good journey. 👋😊Figure-4.jpg

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