Beauty Balm (BB) Creams

Hi girls,

      I feel inevitably thankful to Dr. Christine Schrammek for her groundbreaking discovery, Beauty Balm, or in other words BB cream which basically combines primer, moisturizer, foundation and sun blocker in one formulation. Well, indeed, you could mix your moisturizer with a high factor sun blocker and claim that you invented BB cream. Well, you could, but proportion of the ingredients and accessory chemicals make BB creams that unique. The fact that BB creams are light in texture and skin-friendly makes BB creams more preferable over heavy, pore blocking foundations.

When I replaced all my foundations with BB or CC (Colour Control) creams, I observed some problems. Although BB creams are lighter than foundations, my skin looks greasy after a few hours. Strangely, also, I could’t find a light shade that suits my skin tone. I do not know why (If I figure out, I will edit the text), BB and CC creams have a dry, wheat-coloured tone, which i don’t like much. I have used Clinique Superdefense CC cream last year, for example. It was looking quite natural, successfully correcting darks spots, but it has such an ashy colour which seems as if i used a foundation which is 3 tones darker than my skin tone to pretend I am older than what I truly am.

Finally, this product (DiorSnow UV Shield BB Creme) from Dior, surprised me with its texture, matte tone but not ash-coloured. As name suggests, It has a snowy tone that I believe prevents that ashy tone I observed in other BB creams. Also, it combats with pigmentation and aging effect of sun with SPF50 which is considerably higher than the other BB creams in the market.

        I can happily recommend you to try out this product, or at least get a tester to observe the difference as compared to generic BB creams. DiorSnow UV Shield BB Cream pledges you a natural-looking protection with its unique shade that defines characteristics of Beauty Balms again.

Texture: Liquid, easy to absorb, not greasy
Skin Type: All
Price: $$
Sun protection: PA+++
Suitable for night: Yes
Overall (out of 10): 9

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