Hydrate your skin with Ceramide-3

Hi everyone,

As a Caucasian living in Asia (Singapore), I was terrified initially how obsessive people here are to get a whiter skin. Naturally, this obsession is reflected to the Asian cosmetics market that is dominated by whitening products. Whitening products use generally exfoliating principle to get rid of your dead skin cells which results in blemishes and sensitiveness to UV lights. Also, this method brings other concerns. To much exfoliating may lead to aging faster than normal, since we know that cell metabolism and proliferation is reduced at high cell passages that is considered as in vitro model of aging. Rather than exposing your skin to harsh treatments, I will recommend you a game changer product which not only evens out the skin tone but also keeps your skin hydrated.

It is Dr. Jart Ceramidin set. You may wonder who Dr. Jart is. Right question would be What is Dr. Jart? Dr. Jart is a company based in US, but ventured by two close friends, a Korean dermatologist Dr. SungJae Jung and an entrepreneur Chin Took Lee.

Dr. Jart Ceramidin cream and serum first captured my attention with minimalist and simplistic design reminding me old creams that my grandmother used to put on. Their active ingredient is ceramide-3. Ceramide-3 has many benefits for skin ranging from hydration to skin protection. It has been shown that, ceramide-3 attenuates transepidermal water loss (TEWL), erythema and cell cycling due to exposure to exposure to detergents [1]. Also, it protects skin from sodium lauryl sulfate-mediated irritation which is very common due to its vast use in cosmetics [2]. Another ingredient I am caught was Licorice Root Extract. This miraculous plant acts as anti-inflammatory and neutralizer. I guess this one adds a rosemary-like scent to these products which I am addicted to.

I started using these two products about a month ago and results are really promising. Within a week, I could see that my blemishes are reduced and skin became brighter. At the very first use, I thought liquid serum makes it greasy, but liquid evaporates quickly which leaves a refreshing scent on your face.

Ceramidin series are definitely worth to try!

You can visit an exclusive beauty store this weekend and kindly ask for a tester. Next week, probably you will leave the store with an empty wallet and these creams that deserve every penny you had given.

  1. Kucharekova, M., et al., Effect of a lipid-rich emollient containing ceramide 3 in experimentally induced skin barrier dysfunction. Contact Dermatitis, 2002. 46(6): p. 331-8.
  2. Huang, H.C. and T.M. Chang, Ceramide 1 and ceramide 3 act synergistically on skin hydration and the transepidermal water loss of sodium lauryl sulfate-irritated skin. Int J Dermatol, 2008. 47(8): p. 812-9.

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