New Year Surrealists

It is November. I guess you’ve already had a long list of what to wish for the next year. Some of you wish to be successful, some of you wish for money, a boyfriend or simple things like a buttery pretzel (as i do now 🙂 ). I can imagine how important they are. You can’t even bare the idea of living without a car next year. You would rather keep living in 2016. Then, please do.

Let say, God created the world in a way that there is a quota for the New Year. Let’s suppose he said you are not allowed to get into new year unless you achieve your wishes you’ve made last year. Well, then you would better be careful what you wish for. I mean you could define your targets more realistic, or you would be more ambitious about your aims. In that Utopia, I am almost certain that we would be more appreciative about our life. This would teach us how to pursue things that we want most.

Billions of people around the world wait for the end of the year. They even dare to celebrate it with fireworks and shows. What for? New wishes which will never come true, a hope monger Santa whom existence is disputable and eventually disappointment to realize that you cannot change anything in a day. This year do a favor for yourself, don’t wish anything but DO IT.

If you think you can’t, you can only pray and wait it to happen miraculously, well then, I have a suggestion for you my little surrealists; stay in 2016, please.


Glamorous Sunday!

Hi! 🙂

It has been while from last post. I hope everything is alright there! You girls promised yourself not to (over) shop but couldn’t resist new clothes, new mascara just came in Sephora or tempting scent coming from the shelf of Chloé. I know it is sunday and I know it is the only day you browse stores and new products. But isn’t it very common nowadays that you like, no almost fall in love with a product that you tested in the store but  it disappointed you later. I don’t know why it is like that. Perhaps new beauty products are designed to seduce you on the spot with very strong odour, loud colours and packaging. Who doesn’t want to try a blue face mask, right?

But, today I will show you three products that never disappoint you, but also, wait a second, who said they are not appealing?

Why I like these ones is because they are all very effective. I have one mask from GlamGlow, one essence and emulsion from Elizabeth Arden today.

First product is from GlamGlow as I said. It is a dark coloured mud. What I like with this  mask is it is harsh, because it needs to clean. I prefer my acne and cleaning treatments to be a bit strong to see the improvement asap. I like to feel that refreshing kinda menthol feeling on my face. That is what exactly this mud has. Main ingredient is acnecidic-6 which is a patented chemical by the brand. It basically clears your pores. This chemical provides nutritions for your skin regeneration as well. From the beginning it has cool and refreshing smell. It almost cold burns your face. But once you wash it off, it fades away slowly. It doesn’t harden your face but brightens. That is definitely my fav mud ever! I would recommend to use this if you want to go makeup-free on weekends. This mud gives you enough courage to show how beautiful you’re without makeup.

Second product is a serum from Elizabeth Arden. It is from the same series of my third product which is an emulsion. Series is called as’Visible Whitening’ . These two sisters have small shiny particles in it. Once you apply these on your face, you will visibly see little sparkling things on your face like your highlighter. The days I use these creams, I don’t even feel necessity to use highlighter or even foundation. You may say ‘Oh no it doesn’t have any SPF!’ Sorry but it has melanin. Their working principle is same, protecting your skin from UV lights. UV is very strong mutagen leading to death of your skin cells, simply aging. Melanin is the natural pigment found on human skin to protect us from UV lights. So it is very safe to use it under strong sunlight. Also if you use it daily, it will prevent unwanted blemishes on your face.

Eventually there is no reason not to have a glamorous sunday and skin with this products. I wish you a happy and melanin-ous weekend! 🙂

IMG_20161106_203417 copy.jpg