Makeup Free Weekend

20160514_193306_1140122334For those of you who just woke up and realized you are about to miss a brunch with friends or rushing for a weekend workout (like me); apparently you don’t have time for a detailed makeup or you think your skin wants a break after heavy makeup weekdays, or more importantly you don’t want to look like you have spent hours doing makeup. What are you going to do? There are countless tutorials around showing you how to apply no-makeup makeup, but I find them very heavy. They generally require too much foundation which I feel clogs the pores on my skin. I want something more refreshing allowing my skin to breathe freely. To do that I will give you an alternative routine for those want to have genuine makeup free weekend.

  • Moisturizer: This first step is not only essential but also will determine your last look, because if you use too oily moisturizers, it is highly likely that you will get a greasy look. On the other hand, if your moisturizer is not hydrant to offset your dryness of your skin, then you will get a scaly face.
    • Estée Lauder Revitalizing Supreme
  • UV-Blocker: If your first cream has already this feature (SPF), they you can skip this step. However, there are adorable creams (like I show here: ) having very translucent concealing effect. (I did not say concealer, I said concealing effect, It does not have trace of any cosmetics!!! It is plain Sunscreen cream)
    • Dior Snow UV Shield (Pearly White)
  • Concealer: this is the only makeup item I use for my eye area. Unfortunately because of my anemia, my eye area is very pale and brownish. I must cover it otherwise people keep asking why I am looking tired, sick etc.
    • Estée Lauder Double Wear Concealer
  • Inner corner of eyes: I use Sephora’s Crayon Kohl pencil This color is exactly matching with inner eye color. I only draw a soft line around outer corners of my eye so that my eyes look bigger.
    • Sephora Crayon Kohl pencil (07 infinite beige)
  • Eyelasheeeess: Here is the the most exciting step comes! Too get a natural look I use Benefit’s They’re Real Tinted Primer. It makes your eyelashes look blondish and natural. But I want to take your attention to application rather than product. I like to use brush with my right hand for my left eye and vice versa. I only apply to the outer corners again as I’ve suggested for eye pencil. Please do not use brush for inner eyelashes, don’t get close to your nose-side. By doing so, your eyes will look like wing-shape.
    • Benefit They’re Real Tinted Primer
  • Lips: Do not forget to moisturize your lips as well. Please avoid those balms taking all attention to your lips while you’re talking. I prefer Philosophy’s Kiss Me Tonight, since it doesn’t look too shiny, just giving them a healthy look.
    • Philosophy Kiss Me Tonight

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