Eyelashes Touching the Sky

20160221_112748_-1516234834I have been always obsessed with long eyelashes. I am not a big fan of false stiff ones, because they don’t look natural at all (They look horrible to be honest, except sparse silk extensions).Personally I don’t like bold lashes looking like you have a hand fan on top of your eye. I was born in the Mediterranean, so i like my lashes to look like as though I just came out of the sea. I will mainly focus on two important things: long and separated lashes. By the help of a few tips I will give here, you can get incredibly long, natural eyelashes.

  1. Keep your eyelashes moist: Yes! You need to take care of them. It is not less important than other parts of your face. You can moisturise them with lip balms or vaseline creams. Wipe your cotton swab on the cream and apply it by sweeping your lashes. I do this before I sleep and wash it off next day. Try to avoid to contact your eyes.
  2. Give volume (Optional): This is the step for girls who like volume (which I don’t). There are volumizing balm kinda mascaras available from Dior or Maybelline. They basically boost diameter of each lashes by covering them with a sticky white balm. It is very important to not to leave them too long (!), you should apply your mascara immediately, because if it dries It is almost impossible to separate your lashes from each other. Alternatively, you can use baby powder with the same method I gave for lip balm.
  3. Curl it: Use an eyelash curler to curl them (I prefer Sephora’s. It has very soft rubber). But don’t rush, be patient to hold lashes from roots properly. If you twist them from the center, your lashes will look shorter than usual. Also do it gently not to tear your lashes.
  4. Right product, right order: If you follow the right order, it is very straightforward to get baby doll effect. I would recommend to get different mascaras with distinct brushes. Silicon brushes are generally designed for separation while hair brushes for volume and stretch. I will give examples of some of the brands with brush types:
    • Armani Eyes to Kill: It is a real killer. Once I saw the brush I said: ‘Meehh this is rubbish looking like cheap, asphalt mascaras. Life is full of surprises… It volumizes  your lashes while giving a natural look. It is a headache to find Armani’s beauty products in malls but you can ask exclusive stores.
    • Laura Mercier Faux Lash:  It is promising! It gives false lash effect without making them clumpy.
    • Le 2 De Guerlain: Legend Double ended mascara, made of special polymers. I love this mascara since it does everything with one. It adds a wet texture to your eyes. Small side can be used for lower lashes. This is absolutely phenomenon (my fav! 🙂 )
    • Estée Lauder Sumptuous: This is a good, classical choice for the ones who like volume but at the same time don’t want to have a disaster. It has very smooth and soft brush. It provides a natural, silky effect.
    • Benefit They’re Real: Yeah, they are! They like to use pretentious names for the products but it is worth it. This one evenly separates lashes. Brown option would be a good choice for blonde girls.
    • Order: I like to use separator followed by a volumizer and another separator again. You can pick up a wet-looking one at the end (Guerlain for example).

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