20160221_081225_-795523851I think today is a good day to start writing my stories here. Please don’t think that this is going to be a monologue. I hope you find a bit of yourself, your life and thoughts while you’re reading. I can’t pledge a fantastic blog here, yet life is far from being perfect (isn’t it!).

Why is this a beauty-science-human affairs blog? They don’t sound relevant at all! That is exactly what I want to do! As being a scientist or beauty-obsessed scientist, I like to share things seem irrelevant but getting somehow connected. All products we are using are tested in laboratories. Scientists design them to solve some particular skin problems (sometimes to make you look pretty :)). Therefore it is very very important to understand the ingredients of a product. It helps you to chose the best product for your skin. On the other hand, It is hard to explain everything with a scientific logic (at least now). I always believe that beauty comes from confident. This is why it is crucial to mold a character/style in order to get a better you. Whatever you do, whoever you are, you will be happy with your style. Please help me with your feedbacks and comments to improve this blog.

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