Adele Bloch’s Portrait

I would call myself cruel if I wouldn’t mention Estée Lauder in a beauty blog. Estée Lauder is a US based manufacturer whose net income touched almost 1.2 billion in 2014. Unlike men founded cosmetics companies, Estée Lauder began with only four skin products in 1946. What makes Estée Lauder special for me is how they changed the perception of beauty. Although they are in makeup sector as well, they pursue a more naturalist ideology. They use this concept everywhere like their color (usually light turquoise or pink), models and stands. You may say ‘come on… you don’t need a strong ideology to run a company’ You are right but this would be very materialistic perspective, since these things make a brand – brand. It is like admiring a person who works with passion. Anyway, Estée Lauder’s son’s name, Ronald Lauder, has been written in the records when he bought one of the most expensive painting, Gustav Klimt’s – Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I in 2006. He would have bought any other splashy masterpiece, why this one? This painting is considered as a symbol of beauty depicting a woman in golden phase. After 2006, Estée Lauder became not only a pioneer in the field but also a brand using ‘beauty’ as inspiration to their products.

Today’s post will be on three items from Estée Lauder. This set is called as ‘Clear Difference’. They guarantee you a clearer, flawless skin. Intensive boosting lotion comes first. It has very smooth texture with cucumber and rosemary scent. Then you apply serum which has witch hazel reducing appearance of blemishes and Laminaria saccharina used as whitening agents. Last step is hydrating crème/gel with primrose oil in it. All in all, it provides a refreshing feeling, not oily. I personally use this set for couple of months. Usually I have never bought a product more than once (this is maybe because I like to change them), but now I don’t see any reason to replace it. Beside quality of it, the brand makes me feel I am in safe hands where beauty is the best policy.



    1. It should be ok except serum since it has algae extract but this does not mean that you will have 100% allergy. As a cheaper option, you can buy a traveller set (small size) just to test it. If you don’t develop any reaction within 24-48hrs, I think you can safely use it 🙂


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